Example maps

Pseudo maps

These example maps were created directly with glottolog trees (and names) and combined with fake feature data.


label_column: Name
font_size: 7
text_y_offset: 0.07
text_x_offset: 0.18
tree_map_padding: 2.4
tree_depth: 2
rotation: -90
legend_position: lower right
nonterminal_nodes: false
color_tree: true

New Caledonian

tree_depth: 0.5
tree_map_padding: 0.18
text_x_offset: 0.04
tree_sort_mode: max


text_x_offset: 0.4
tree_map_padding: 0.6
background: osm
sort_mode: max


label_column: Name
font_size: 5
tree_map_padding: 0.19
legend_position: lower right
tree_depth: 0.3
map_marker_size: 25
seaborn_palette: pastel
background: osm
text_y_offset: 0.009


label_column: Name
tree_depth: 8
font_size: 6
text_y_offset: 0.3
tree_map_padding: 2.1
background: osm
text_x_offset: 0.4


print_labels: false
tree_lw: 0.2
rotation: 90
tree_sort_mode: max
map_marker_size: 4
connection_lw: 0.2
leaf_lw: 0.1
map_marker_lw: 0.3
leaf_marker_size: 0.5

Examples from the wild

These are maps created with lingtreemaps for actual presentations or publications.

Evidence for an NP constituent in Cariban languages

(Spike Gildea & Natalia Cáceres Arandia)