Welcome to lingtreemaps’s documentation!

The primary use case for lingtreemaps is this: You have some sort of data point for a group of related languages the distribution of which you want to visualize on both a genealogical tree and on a map. lingtreemaps allows you to do both at once, in a single, customizable map + tree image. All you need is a language table, a tree, and a feature table.

Tables are either stored in CSV files, or provided as pandas dataframes. Trees are either stored in .nwk/.newick files, or provided as Bio.Phylo.BaseTree objects. The minimal requirements for the input are:

  1. The language table must have a Latitude and a Longitude colum.

  2. It must also have an ID colum, which will be used to connect to connect the coordinates to the labels on the tree.

  3. The tree must be in newick format, and have leaf labels corresponding to the contents of the ID colum in the language table.

  4. Your feature table must have the columns Clade (corresponding to the values of the ID columns in the language table) and Value

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